Over time, Gotz Play Doll doll boxes have gone through a variety of different styles, changes, and types. It is our goal to accurately identify which Play Doll box style was used and the year to and from it was used.

This Vintage Gotz Doll box was used in 1984.

Please keep in mind that this article will change frequently as new boxes, styles and years they were used, along with to and from become known. Some information (ex. when a box was introduced and when it was changed) may be unknown; we may only have a photo of the box at this time.


It can be difficult to confirm the actual year a specific doll box was used; dolls may have accidentally been stored in the wrong box and most of the older dolls we come across no longer even have their original box. In order to ensure the accuracy of the timeline for when a specific doll box style was used, we would prefer to see that box style appear with three separate dolls from a "known" year before stating with certainty that that doll box was definitely used in specific year.

Please note: some of these boxes may also have been used for HANDCRAFTED DOLL boxes.

Quick Visual Reference

This section is a quick visual guide of all the Play Doll boxes currently catalogued.

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